Grasin’s Book

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of being a better listener?

Join the people around the world who are improving their listening skills as they find fun and adventure in listening to Grasin’s story to  help Grasin finish his books.

Grasin’s book, “Grasin the Grape GooseTM“, is an interactive book that encourages one to listen more, in order to learn more.

As good listeners, our knowledge soars as we discover more meaning to the things that are around us.

The pages of Grasin’s book have been designed for listeners to draw pictures, as the story unfolds, of the thoughts they gather when they hear the words of his story.

This activity lends way to improved listening skills, as well as enhanced communication.  The resulting personalized book that is created when hearing the story, will be cherished by you and friends for years to come.  What a great tradition to begin today in your family or for students!

Get Grasin’s book today!